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Guy Verhofstadt
Mr. Guy Verhofstadt

The man of the year
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A proven Democrat, protector and fighter for justice and human rights in the World.

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Mr. Barak Hossein Obama

Peace in the World



Mr. Murray Hunter

Centre of Communication & Entrepreneurship

University Malaysia Perlis

Mr. Murray Hunter has been involved in Asia-Pacific business for the last 30 years. He first entered the cosmetic industry in the 1970s with a joint venture with the Andrew Jergens Company (US Fortune 500 Company). He then took over the position as export manager for the family group and opened up markets in South-East Asia, the Middle East, and Pacific region building sales to just above USD $ 20 million per annum from a zero base. Murray in 1980 moved to Jakarta Indonesia to set up a factory and marketing organization for PT Hunters Jaya Indonesia for the family group.

Upon returning to Australia, Murray became a director of a public listed company at the age of 26, responsible for the household division turning over more than AUD 75 million per annum.

In 1988 Murray formed his own company New Approach Products Pty. Ltd. where he developed many patented formulations and within his third year of operations was ranked 5th in the BRW-Price Waterhouse Fast 100 list, a very good accomplishment considering most of the top 10 companies were involved in the ICT industry. Murray returned to South-East Asia in the mid 1990s and set up Hunters Brands Sdn. Bhd., as a subsidiary of Hunters Brands Pty.

Ltd. Australia, now manufacturing in China and exporting back to Australia and Malaysia, with a current turnover of approximately AUD $20 million per annum. He assisted the Krauch Family in Brazil introduce various eucalyptus species to South America both as a timber and essential oil crop, to the Napati family in Indonesia on essential oil based cosmetics, and worked with Bayer GMBH on developing natural herbicides in the 1980s and 1990s.

In Malaysia Murray has consulted to Sime Darby Marketing, Bejaya Group, and Dietheim/Harpers Group. Murray introduced Tea tree or Melaleuca alternifolia to Malaysia in the early 1990s. He was also involved in a number of start-up firms involved in laser printer cartridge recycling, produce export from Fiji to Australia, a health spa, plastic manufacturing, food & beverage manufacturing, and biodiesel. Murray is now semi-retired as an associate professor at the University Malaysia Perlis, spending a lot of time consulting to Asian governments on community development and village biotechnology.

Murray is the inventor/author of a number of chemistry patents in Australia and as a researcher was the first to report many new natural compounds in international journals like the prestigious Journal of Essential Oil Research.

Murray Hunter is an associate professor at University Malaysia Perlis, and the author of a number of books on agriculture, economics, and entrepreneurship.

Selected Works of Mr. Murray Hunter on ORBUS.BE

Publication 80


80  Sea Shepherd: Eco terrorists or the front line to protect social justice? - Murray Hunter
79  Is Singapore Western Intelligence's 6th Eye in Asia?- Murray Hunter

78  Malaysia: Why the Pakatan Rakyat does not deserve to be the Federal Government - Murray Hunter

77  The Australian security state is collecting intelligence on an Orwellian scale never seen before
- Murray Hunter

Has an 'out of control' intelligence community compromised 'Australia in the Asian Century'?-Murray Hunter

75  The European Court of Justice of Human Rights and Bosnia

74  The Australian Government's new stance on human rights? - Murray Hunter

73  The immorality of Australia's prostitution laws
- Murray Hunter

Australian Election: Abbott as PM may surprise everyone
- Murray Hunter

71  Malaysia: Desperately needing a new national narrative - Murray Hunter

70  One Man's view of the world and a thousand faceless men: Singapore's cadre system - Murray Hunter

69  How important is the Australian Election? - Murray Hunter

68 Australian Immigration - the Snowden link? - Murray Hunter

67 Sarawak Reenacts Independence from Britain 50 years Ago -Murray Hunter

The return of Kevin Rudd as Australian PM: For how long? - Murray Hunter

65  Reinvigorating Rural Malaysia - New Paradigms Needed - Murray Hunter

64  Can there be a National Unity Government in Malaysia? - Murray Hunter

63  Will Australian Labor Remain Principled and fall on its own Sword? - Murray Hunter

Finding a long term solution in the 'Deep South' of Thailand - Murray Hunter

Islamic Freedom in ASEAN - Murray Hunter

Malaysia: It was Never About the Election It was always about what would happen afterwards - Murray Hunter

59  Enriching the Sustainability Paradigm - Murray Hunter

58  Does Australia's 2013 Defence White Paper Signal a Strategic Withdraw? - Murray Hunter

57  Where is Saudi Arabian Society Heading? - Abdullah Abdul Elah Ali Sallam & Murray Hunter University Malaysia Perlis

56  Searching for an end game in the Korean Crisis - Murray Hunter

55 The high Australian Dollar: Whose interests is the Reserve Bank of Australia looking after? - Murray Hunter

54  Is Secretary Kerry's trip to China a "face saving" measure? - Murray Hunter

53  Asia-Pacific at the Crossroads - The Implications for Australian Strategic Defense Policy - Murray Hunter

Obama's Korean Peninsula "Game" Strategy seeks to achieve a wide range of objectives in his "Asian Pivot" - Murray Hunter

51  Who rules Singapore? - The only true mercantile state in the world - Murray Hunter

50  The Thai Deep South: Both Malaysia and Thailand Desperately Seeking Success - Murray Hunter

49  The desperate plight of Islamic education in Southern Thailand - Murray Hunte

48  Who makes public policy in Malaysia? - Murray Hunter

47  Australia's National Security Paper: Did it amount to lost opportunities? The policy you have when you don't have a policy - Murray Hunter

46  Are "B" Schools in Developing Countries infatuated with 'Western' Management ideas? - Murray Hunter

45  The Stages of Economic Development from an Opportunity Perspective: Rostow Extended - Murray Hunter

Who Really Rules Australia?: A tragic tale of the Australian People - Murray Hunter

43   Europe: Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, and Something Blue - Murray Hunter

Back to the future: Australia's "Pacific Solution" reprise - Murray Hunter

41. Gillard after signing up as deputy sheriff now supporting the state use of assassinations without trial - Murray Hunter

Hillary to Julia "You take India and I'll take Pakistan", while an ex-Aussie PM says "Enough is enough with the US" - Murray Hunter

Entrepreneurship and economic growth? South-East Asian governments are developing policy on the misconception that entrepreneurship creates economic growth. - Murray Hunter

Australia "Do as I say, not as I do" - The ongoing RBA bribery scandal -
Murray Hunter

  Australia in the "Asian Century" or is it Lost in Asia? - Murray Hunter

36.  Surprise, surprise: An Islam economy can be innovative - Murray Hunter

35.  Do Asian Management Paradigms Exist? A look at four theoretical frames - Murray Hunter

34.  ASEAN Nations need indigenous innovation to transform their economies but are doing little about it. - Murray Hunter

33.  From Europe, to the US, Japan, and onto China: The evolution of the automobile - Murray Hunter

32.  Missed Opportunities for ASEAN if the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) fails to start up in 2015 - Murray Hunter

31.  Lessons from the Invention of the airplane and the Beginning of the Aviation Era - Murray Hunter

30.  Elite educators idolize the “ high flying entrepreneurs” while deluded about the realities of entrepreneurship for the masses: - Murray Hunter

The Arrival of Petroleum, Rockefeller, and the Lessons He taught Us - Murray Hunter - University Malaysia Perlis

28.  Ethics, Sustainability and the New Realities - Murray Hunter

27.  The Dominance of “Western” Management Theories in South-East Asian Business Schools: The occidental colonization of the mind. - Murray Hunter

26.  How feudalism hinders community transformation and economic evolution: Isn’t equal opportunity a basic human right? - Murray Hunter

25.   On Some of the Misconceptions about Entrepreneurship - Murray Hunter

  Knowledge, Understanding and the God Paradigm - Murray Hunter

23.   Do Confucian Principled Businesses Exist in Asia? - Murray Hunter

22.  Samsara and the Organization - Murray Hunter

21.   Integrating the philosophy of Tawhid – an Islamic approach to organization. - Murray Hunter

20.  What’s with all the hype – a look at aspirational marketing - Murray Hunter

19.  Does Intrapreneurship exist in Asia? - Murray Hunter

18.  One Man, Multiple Inventions: The lessons and legacies of Thomas Edison - Murray Hunter

17.  People tend to start businesses for the wrong reasons - Murray Hunter

How emotions influence, how we see the world? - Murray Hunter

15.  How we create new ideas - Murray Hunter

14.  Where do entrepreneurial opportunities come from? - Murray Hunter

The five types of thinking we use - Murray Hunter

12.  Evaluating Entrepreneurial Opportunities: What’s wrong with SWOT? - Murray Hunter

11.  How motivation really works - Murray Hunter

10.  The Evolution of Business Strategy - Murray Hunter

09.  Not all opportunities are the same: A look at the four types of entrepreneurial opportunity - Murray Hunter

08.  Do we have a creative intelligence? - Murray Hunter

07.  Imagination may be more important than knowledge: The eight types of imagination we use - Murray Hunter

The environment as a multi-dimensional system: Taking off your rose coloured glasses - Murray Hunter

05.  Generational Attitudes and Behaviour -
Murray Hunter

04.  Groupthink may still be a hazard to your organization - Murray Hunter

  Perpetual Self conflict: Self awareness as a key to our ethical drive, personal mastery, and perception of entrepreneurial opportunities - Murray Hunter

The Continuum of Psychotic Organisational Typologies - Murray Hunter

There is no such person as an entrepreneur, just a person who acts entrepreneurially - Murray Hunter


Koninkrijk Belgie - Monarchie Belgique

Maasmechelen Village

Maasmechelen Village

Maasmechelen Village

Maasmechelen Village

prof. dr. Anis Bajrektarevic
Prof. dr. Anis Bajrektarevic

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siècle Asiatique sans l’institution pan-siatique - prof. dr. Anis Bajrektarevic

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Democide Mass-Murder and the New World Order - Paul Adams